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As for me and my horse, we will ride for the Lord !

Myself or You?

by Paul Daily

There is a time and beginning of absolutely everything.
God in His almighty power gave the OK, then it entered the Action Ring.
Once it starts, there is no turning back.
The choice is its alone to make. It's as plain as white and black.
It starts with nothing, in its own innocent way.
It has no idea of what it may grow up to be someday.
Then comes the demands, as it grows up with age.
Sometimes with rebelling and fighting, and throwing fits of rage.
Then it grows weary of all the trouble it's brought upon itself,
And turns and calls upon the only One that it knows can help.
When times are good and there are no clouds in the sky.
It thinks "Why I don't need no help! I'm making it just fine. Now I bid you goodbye"
But tomorrow is another day, and the clouds and troubles come rolling in.
It finds itself in a terrible fix, now it's calling and turning for help again.
It's slowly learning, not to drift too far away.
It realized it is not so smart, and there's nothing wrong with asking "Which way?"
Finally it comes to total surrender. I'll do whatever you ask.
I know I can do it only, if you help me with the task.
The joy it brings, of working just to please.
There is no greater feeling than the feeling of full release.
Now I know you must be thinking that I've been talking about this hoss,
And I would not want to trick you at just any cost.
But you see, I've been talking about myself, and I know all these things to be true,
Cause I've tried it all, and as some might say, I've been there too!